About me.

Dominika Flaczyk – I am an entrepreneur, investor, and manager with more than 20 years of experience. I founded and run several companies, including Grupa Profesja sp. z o.o. and Systemowa Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości sp. z o.o. offering a wide range of human resources and human development services, including - soft skills and hard skills training, professional reskilling, career counseling, coaching and mentoring for entrepreneurs and their teams, as well as recruitment services as part of an employment agency. Since several years I have been nominated President of the Foundation for Social Participation with 21 years of experience in business and 16 years of experience assisted with a professional team we are managing projects co-financed mainly from EU funds. I have managed projects with a total value of over PLN 250 million. Currently, I opened an development and services center for business in Poznań - BusinessWell, offering; conference and meeting room rental, the BusinessWell.com technological platform connecting entrepreneurs from the entire country. The mission of BusinessWell is to create business environment services synergizing and supporting enterprises at various stages of development, including obtaining funds and operational support; in particular, support will be provided for entities from the SME sector and all kinds of start-ups.

Dominika Flaczyk

My education.

I have completed my first master’s degree and later PhD studies at the Faculty of Management at the University of Economics in Poznań. I also gained my education abroad- e.g. International Relations at Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany. I am an internationally certified Business Coach, M.Sc. in Business and Clinical Psychology and Executive MBA graduate. I am working on a doctoral dissertation on anti-crisis management in Polish enterprises. I have recently completed a one-year training and development program at the Center for Systemic Constellations in Warsaw, and an international series of certified Systemic Coaching courses in Great Britain, Switzerland, Poland and Spain.


In the course of my professional career, I was a co-author and coordinator of several hundreds of EU co-funded projects of national and international nature implemented in the area of self-employment, entrepreneurship, career development, and professional activisation. I’m interested in connecting science with business to support and promote equality and social inclusion. I am an author of numerous publications of a social and educational nature and a speaker at conferences, workshops, and proffesional fairs. I am a member of non-governmental organizations supporting entrepreneurship in Poland.

As dedicated social activist, I am President of the Foundation for Social Participation. I support entrepreneurship, social inclusion, and equal opportunities in the labor market as part of EU projects. I implement innovative educational and social projects and promote transnational cooperation. My companies support international transfer of good practices in business and science. With my brands and projects implemented by them, I tend to combine a visionary, innovative approach with the complex competences of an experienced business practitioner and manager. This has resulted in significant development of my companies in the last decade; I have been running my enterprises continuously for over 13 years and successively increased the scope and quality of services. I have successfully combined existing undertakings with new ventures. My organizations created a significant network of businesses and become a recognizable brand among public institutions implementing training and consulting projects. My brands have been recognized as reliable partners for many public administration organizations, both on local and national levels, including public labor offices, Marshal offices, the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, the Ministry of Development and Technology or the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy, as well as the National Center for Research and Development.

I am engaged in CSR and international social projects. The projects aim to counter domestic violence, support neuroactivation as part of rehabilitation, and enable people with disabilities or those experiencing temporary dysfunction related to physical and mental diseases to return to the labor market. All my undertakings focus on helping others and making a positive changes in their lives.

I am passionate about personal development, humanistic psychology, systemic coaching, epigenetics, and psychobiology. I promote a healthy lifestyle involving the active body, spirit, and mind as a conscious integration of the perfectly functioning system that is Human. Such harmony enables the individual to live a life full of meaning and fulfillment, which supports the full use of personal potential.

I think that I have a "helping gene" in my veins from my Grandma Sophie, a doctor who helped many people in need during and after the world war in Poland in XX century. She had a great strength of character contained in a small stature.
In my generation, I provide support in a diverse way- by offering individuals and organizations help in achieving personal and professional goals by supporting their transformation and training social competencies - the ability to manage emotions and behaviors, build mental resilience, and find the potential that lies dormant in every human being so that he can work and live according to his calling. At the same time, I combine knowledge from various fields of science, using tools from the areas of management, psychology, and spirituality. 

For my contribution to the creation of social innovations, educational projects, and the development of entrepreneurship and business, I have been awarded in recent years with several awards, such as Business Diamonds and Grand Prix Polish Quality Award 2020/2021, awarded by the Polish Agency for Entrepreneurship.

In 2021, I received the CEOWORLD Magazine President of the Year Award and the Businesswoman Awards for Leader of the Training Industry statuette.

In 2020. Through the past years my personal brand became a nationwide mentor of a social project implemented to support businesses and gender equality and during pandemic period in 2020 I have been nominated as a mentor in a book called "Business does not give up," initiated by the publishing house GRUPA MEDIALNA LIFESTYLE - GM LIFESTYLE. I have also been included in the 50 Polish Women of Success publication by Businesswoman & life Magazine in the national publication called "Ordinary Extraordinary" and many other national business publications.

My motto.

"Discover your potential and pursue it with passion, and your life will become full of meaning and fulfillment."










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